Passover Activities Packet

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A 7-page activity packet for elementary/middle school children preparing for Passover/Pesach! The activity packet include the following:

>Month 1 Calendar (to count and write the dates of Passover/Month 1 and label the feast/no-work days)

>Leavened Foods Chart (to chart foods made with two popular leavening agents to know which foods to avoid during Passover)

>Pesach Science: To Yeast or Not To Yeast (A science inquiry activity to predict how yeast alters foods)

>Math/Fractions (An activity to teach Biblical portions during the original Passover.)

>Passover Math (An activity to learn about the numbers (math) that appear in the Passover story)

>Pesach Plate (A cut-and-paste activity to teach children the required foods for the Passover meal)



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