9-12 ELA Tutoring

9-12 ELA Tutoring provides high school students with assistance and support in Language Arts and Writing. Students can choose the workshop option where they are guided step-by-step on how write, or choose the essay option where their papers are proofed and edited to extend and improve their writing, or the academic option where they receive the support needed to complete their ELA homework/assignments, including grammar, reading, and writing/composition.

Editing & Writing

Proofreading services are offered for e-books, printables, booklets, lessons/curricula, blog content, or any other professional text/media. Writing curriculum includes either adding me to your curriculum team or hiring me to write the curriculum itself. Please contact me for a quote.


Homeschool consults offer families new ideas on how to introduce, present, reinforce, or review key concepts and strategies. This support also provides assistance with scheduling, teaching lessons, and planning a course/curriculum for students.  Consults begin at $60.00 for per hour.

Graduation Counseling

This service is available to high school and college students. High school students are taught about GPA, including the formula, calculations, and what it means in terms of grades, graduating, and applying to college. Additionally, a “map to graduation” is created for each student based upon grade level, expected graduation date, diploma track, interested college majors, and courses offered at their particular high school/homeschool. This service significantly helps parents and students know which courses to take and when in order to graduate on time and successfully. College students are offered the same services, except the GPA intro is omitted, unless needed. (The service is available for public, private, or homeschool families. Also available is College Entrance Counseling; please contact for me details).